• Bulgarian National Bank office in the city of Burgas, Bulgaria. Art restoration of the roof and the tower with copper accent shingles. Completed in the summer/autumn of 1997. Monument of architecture

  • Roman church placed inside of ancient Roman fort near Belchin Bania, Bulgaria. Art restoration with round clay tiles completed in the summer of 2012. UNESCO World Heritage

  • Mall of Sofia (Sofia Tower) - the first mall build in post-communist Bulgaria. Corners, edges and part of the roof covered with zinc. Completed in the spring of 2006.

  • Apartments and business building in the heart of Sofia, Bulgaria. Roof and façade with copper rhomboid shingles completed in the summer/autumn of 2005. Monument of architecture

  • Apartments and business building with round roof and trellis over the penthouse completed in the summer of 2007. Honored with the Arch Idea'2008 price

The job of the water is to flow. Our job is to keep it flowing away from your building.

Please don't hesitate to contact us when exeptional quality is expected. Your project is safe with us!

Building Durable Roofs

We build durable roofs with the highest quality materials available on the market like zinc, copper and aluminium

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Planning and Consulitng

We help and advise you at any stage of your project. Plan with you costs, processing time and materials delivery

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Materials Supply

We deliver to you materials, machines and roofing tools from Europe and oversee to Europe and oversee

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Preparation of Components

We prepare and deliver installation components for you. Needles to say - fast, at highest quality and lowest cost

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Our Latest Work

Borika church

Restoration of the bell tower and belfry with zinc shingles. Part of the Borika church near Batak, Bulgaria...

Tsari Mali Grad

Restoration of Roman church with clay tiles. Placed inside of ancient Roman fort near Belchin Bania, Bulgaria... carimaligrad.com

University of Sussex

Renovation of the lower roof section with copper. Church in the University of Sussex, England...

Private house

Roof with ERLUS tiles. Dome over the main entrance with zinc shingles...


"The guys from Nikol-5 recently exported zinc for current project of my company Bultrade Ltd to Auckland, New Zeeland. The material was produced by NedZink in Netherlands and transported to us via Port of Rotterdam. The shippment went as planned and trouble-free. I'm very pleased to have such reliable partner in Europe on my side and I'm looking forward to doing business with them in the future."
Rado Botev, Director Bultrade Ltd, bultrade.co.nz

"My architecture design studio IntexArch and Nikol-5 have been doing business over the last fifteen years. They implemented successfully more than 10 of our projects. I can always count on their expertise and know-how. With Nikol-5 I’m not only receiving great quality services but good feelings and solutions to my needs."
Arch. Stefka Ivanova, Director IntexArch Design Studio, intexarch.com